Cannabis and Carbon Dioxide

All plants need carbon dioxide, but just at different levels.  Cannabis is considered a C3 plant that tends to go through the A LOT of CO2 in it’s lifetime.  CO2 and sunlight are the main inputs for photosynthesis and yields the basic building blocks for the plant to grow.  Plants take in CO2 through special holes on their leaves, called stomates.  These highly evolved part of plants control the intake and release of gases and sometimes liquids from the leaf.

Top level growers need to add additional CO2 in their gardens because CO2 has become the limiting plant growth factor. This means your plant has all the necessary water, light, and nutrients to grow as fast as possible but it is the availability of CO2 that is slowing down cell production.  At this point, we have a couple of options for additional CO2 into your grow.  The most common is to buy CO2 and emit slowly in your grow rooms. The levels of CO2 necessary to promote additional vigor is much higher than what is found in nature.  Currently the CO2 concentration in our atmosphere is around 390 ppm.   Some people will run CO2 up to 1200 ppm in their grow rooms.  Sounds dizzying to me.


There are some other interesting ways to get CO2 into your grow room.  Some people use mushroom blocks to emit CO2.  Since fungi are heterotrophic which means they produce energy by taking in oxygen and organic matter and let out carbon dioxide as a byproduct.  Since plants need CO2 and produce O2, this is a perfect “win-win” situation. This exchange of O2 and CO2 between plants and mycelium has been a natural cycle for tens of thousands of years and works great in your grow.  These is also another fungi that can help make CO2 – YEAST! Here at Batch 64 we have been known to enjoy a fine fermented beverage once in a while and we think that by using yeast to elevate CO2 in your garden is another one of nature’s great coincidences. Here is a great DIY moonshine bucket for carbon dioxide production.

Let carbon dioxide and cannabis keep their ancient partnership together and put a little extra CO2 into your THC.