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100% Coco Expanding Cubes v. Rock Wool


This Batch 64 showdown compares 100% coco expanding cubes v. rock wool.
The Fertilizer Showdown: Dry v. Liquid


We’ll help you, the cultivator, examine what works, and what doesn’t, so you can choose the best fertilizer for your operation in this Batch 64 Showdown: Dry v. Liquid Fertilizers.
Don’t Drain the Swamp


The cannabis industry’s demand is rising for peat, which unfortunately has the potential to bring us face-to-face with an environmental catastrophe.
Heavy Metals


Batch 64 examines the need for heavy metal testing and gives insights to our process.
Batch 64 - Insights - Article - A Regenerative Economy and the Future of Business


I’d like to share a story about how we came to be, the purpose behind the company, and why we believe it can be a model for businesses around the world.
When Cheap is Expensive


A cannabis grow’s decision to save $4,000 a year by substituting a high-quality coir product with a cheap one resulted in an estimated $100,000 loss.
The Coconut Coir vs. Rock Wool Showdown


Batch 64 breaks down the good, the bad and the downright ugly in a showdown of coconut coir vs. rock wool.