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Case Studies

Altitude Organic Medicine: Not Just Doing Good, Doing Your Best


We understand that as commercial cannabis operators, it’s important to maximize productivity per square foot the same way any other manufacturer does in other industries, and to do so you cannot sacrifice efficiency. We believe that if you’re spending more time to create the same amount, you will be less profitable. Batch 64 saved Altitude Organic Medicine approximately $136,500 in potential lost efficiencies.
Evolving and Growing With the MJardin Group and Lightshade: Co-Creation and Operational Systems Design at the Multi-State Operation Level


How exactly does a cannabis cultivation company create consistency in product, keep the right amount of growing media across all facilities on hand when they need it, reduce costs and avoid downtime? They co-create with the Batch 64 Customer Success, Product Development and Logistics teams to find an overall cultivation solution, custom blend formulation and just-in-time logistics to create efficiencies that scale and lower labor and supply costs.
Native Roots: Continuing to Liberate Happiness Through Quality & Consistency


Cannabis cultivation enterprises on the rise to success can’t afford downtime, inefficiencies, and lost sales. In such a burgeoning industry, focus on growth means the difference between success and failure. So how does a company stay competitive in the current environment while continuing to grow with their customers in a rapidly changing industry?
Batch 64 - Insights - Case Study - Oregon Bud Company


Targeted Nutrient Solution: Oregon Bud Company Lowers Nutrient Costs by 75% and Increases Efficiency