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John-Paul Maxfield, CEO/Founder Batch 64, I Consume Cannabis to Help Me, “Destigmatized Series”, Produced By Grasslands Agency


John-Paul Maxfield, CEO Batch 64 and Founder of Waste Farmers, is interviewed by Grasslands Agency Founder and CEO Ricardo Baca about life changes amid cannabis legalization.
Batch 64 - Media - Denver Business Journal - Diggin It


John-Paul Maxfield likes to think big and create. The CEO and Founder of Waste Farmers and Batch 64 didn’t get into business to make or sell a product. He got into business to change the world, and he wants the company he started to last for generations.
40 under 40 winner - John-Paul Maxfield


40 under 40 winner – John-Paul Maxfield – John-Paul Maxfield believes that sustainable agriculture can help meet growing food demand while also decreasing environmental damage.