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Altitude Organic Medicine: Not Just Doing Good, Doing Your Best

Case Study by Melissa A. Bolin

Batch 64’s Integrated Growing System Helps to Solve Problems, Reach Goals and Save Money on Lost Efficiencies

Like all great success stories, Altitude Organic Medicine (AOM) started with a dream, three men, and a craigslist ad. The story began with Luther Bonow, a Texan native who moved to Colorado with big dreams of green things. Luther found himself short on a product that would respectfully cater to the most important part of their name; Organic Medicine. 

With limited options, Luther did what anyone in the 21st century would do, post a wanted ad on Craigslist for quality growers. The ad was answered by Colorado natives Aaron Bluse and William Martin, two men with the grow knowledge, experience, and eagerness to partner with Luther, thus establishing the perfect balance of retail sales, marketing, and ability to grow the quality of marijuana that was hard to find among commercial grows. 

But like most cannabis cultivation companies, AOM was looking to scale up and in order to do that they needed to start streamlining their tasks and increasing efficiencies. Jon Ahr, Cultivation Manager at Altitude Organic Medicine, shares his thoughts on a problem that many cultivators face – having enough time to do everything a cultivator is accountable for while staying profitable – and practically every cultivator we’ve ever met can agree: 

“Head of Cultivation is the guy that has to figure out what everyone is doing each day. If dirt doesn’t show up, I have to scramble on doing something else, to figure out what everyone needs to work on, what I have to shift around. Let’s say Sunday I line out the week, dirt doesn’t show up Tuesday as I expected, then all of a sudden I now spend my Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday adding stress to my life trying to figure out where the dirt is, worrying about transplanting or whatever it is that I need the dirt for and the whole situation is a nightmare – losing productivity – which means losing yields and in turn losing profit.”

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Utilizing Customer Development to Identify the Problem

Like many operations, AOM had some high-level goals of increasing productivity, leading to higher yields and more profits. But, the AOM team was faced with a few problems that they needed help co-creating solutions in order to achieve their goals. 

The company had changed to a drip watering system within their greenhouse and needed some flexibility because of the multiple strains they were cultivating, and the unique needs each strain required. They believed there had to be a way to create a system that would allow them to easily water without over or under watering the plants – without going over budget – and without losing sleep. 

Mixing their own blends wasn’t an option. This would require an incredible amount of time, resources and money so it was completely out of the question. (And in this line of work, TIME IS MONEY.) In addition, the Head of Cultivation needed a solution that would be easy for his staff to recreate and repeat over and over again, even for a new member of the team. Lastly, this solution of blends, nutes and ferts needed to work with the organic compost tea application the company swears by as well as be practically foolproof and easy to dial into Altitude Organic’s current setup. In addition to all of this, they were desperately seeking to create a solid relationship with a company that could scale with them – handling and predicting the demand while recommending new solutions as the company grew. Here’s the kicker – the solution had to adhere to their 100% organic cultivation.

When Earth Matters Most

“How do you produce the best tasting meds? Using all natural methods, of course! Altitude Organic Medicine is proud to use green methods and environmentally friendly grow techniques to offer you the best taste – and best meds.” 

Batch 64 believes that the highest quality product starts with the highest quality solution. Our organic scalable solution for Altitude Organic Medicine included our Charged Macro Blend (formerly Moonshine), which introduced the right ratio of biochar to coco to improve upon air retention and provide forgiveness around water retention so the AOM team didn’t have to be watering each of their 60 high quality strains uniquely, to eliminate additional labor hours and make everyone’s lives easier. 

Our Charged Macro Blend is designed for growers looking for uncompromisingly big, organic yields. This peat-free, soilless blend boosts THC levels with less fertilizer and its triple washed clean coco and bio-nutrients foster faster, healthier root growth without the need for additional nutrients during the first 4 weeks – AND it’s organic, which is essential to the AOM team. 

The Batch 64 team works with AOM’s cultivation schedules regularly to deliver growing medium right when they need it, through our predictable inventory management and on-time logistics. Consistency in service and delivery keeps AOM’s productivity up, eliminates downtime and keeps labor costs down – all while generating consistently high yields and profits. Batch 64 is also in Colorado, and that’s important to AOM, from a sustainability perspective, and also supports Colorado pride.

We understand that as commercial cannabis operators, it’s important to maximize productivity per square foot the same way any other manufacturer does in other industries, and to do so you cannot sacrifice efficiency. We believe that if you’re spending more time to create the same amount, you will be less profitable. Batch 64 saved AOM approximately $136,500 in potential lost efficiencies. 

Altitude Organic Medicine Put Our Integrated Growing System to the Test and Here are Some of the Results and Outcomes:

  • Efficiencies created saving the company approximately $136,500 in wasted time and labor
  • Increased flexibility for entire cultivation staff
  • Time savings
  • Reduced labor costs 
  • Nutrient savings of approximately $20,000
  • Increased organic matter of Charged Macro Blend (formerly Moonshine), leading to healthier, higher quality plants with higher yields while fitting into organic cultivation standards
All photos courtesy of Altitude Organic Medicine.
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