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Native Roots: Continuing to Liberate Happiness Through Quality & Consistency

Case Study by Melissa A. Bolin

Native Roots: Continuing to Liberate Happiness Through Quality & Consistency

Cannabis cultivation enterprises on the rise to success can’t afford downtime, inefficiencies, and lost sales. In such a burgeoning industry, focus on growth means the difference between success and failure. So how does a company stay competitive in the rapidly changing cannabis industry while continuing to grow and create value for their customers? You reach out and start co-creating solutions with Batch 64 to meet the quality, efficiency and productivity needs of your grow. (And increase ROI while you’re at it.)

Since 2010, Native Roots has been cultivating large commercial cannabis while providing premier products to their Colorado medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries. They strive to elevate the retail experience by providing a variety of high-quality products, including many different marijuana strains. Native Roots is one of the largest vertically integrated operators in the state of Colorado.

That coir was so salty I could cook a steak with it!,” Native Roots declared. The team was so dissatisfied with the current landscape of growing medium and substrates available on the market that they contemplated producing their own blends – going so far as to take on the expense of purchasing their own mixing equipment. A massive undertaking that would force the company to re-imagine their supply chain, logistics, labor resources and other operational strains that they didn’t have the time to manage. That’s when Batch 64’s product development team stepped in to begin some co-creation with the Native Roots cultivation team.

Native Roots wanted full control of their micro/macro nutrients and moderately quick dry-down cycles with the consistency of a coco/perlite ratio and tested batch analytics across the entire facility. They wanted buffered coco that had a low-salt content, but high air content.


The solution the Batch 64 team created with Native Roots saved the company over $300,000 in potential lost efficiencies each month, improved plant health and performance and as regulation around biology of finished product tightened, we worked closely with Native Roots to ensure we were screening our products for the pathogens they were most concerned about (and suggested additional analysis to keep ahead of the regulatory curve).

This successful relationship was only achieved by thoroughly understanding Native Roots’ unique cultivation style and the goals they were looking to achieve. Batch 64 was able to provide the quality and consistency they needed through a problem/solution/outcomes development approach, batch testing, analytics, and on-time logistics – generating ROI and piece-of-mind. The co-created solution encouraged prolific plants more efficiently which lead to higher yields. In addition, the Batch 64 multi-faceted solution saved Native Roots on downtime which allowed them to focus on growth as a company.

In closing, Batch 64 helped provide a solid foundation for Native Roots future. They needed a partner that shared their dedication to what they believe in, including quality, craftsmanship, and reliability. Batch 64 proved to be that partner, and over 4 years later we have a continued relationship built on trust, transparency, and co-creation.

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