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Evolving and Growing With the MJardin Group and Lightshade: Co-Creation and Operational Systems Design at the Multi-State Operation Level

Case Study by Melissa A. Bolin

Evolving and Growing With the MJardin Group and Lightshade: Co-Creation and Operational Systems Design at the Multi-State Operation Level

How exactly does a cannabis cultivation company create consistency in product, keep the right amount of growing media across all facilities on hand when they need it, reduce costs and avoid downtime? They co-create with the Batch 64 Customer Success, Product Development and Logistics teams to find an overall cultivation solution, custom blend formulation and just-in-time logistics to create efficiencies that scale and lower labor and supply costs. 

MJardin Group, a global cannabis management platform with extensive experience in cultivation, processing, distribution and retail has refined cultivation methodologies, developed state of the art facilities and implemented vertical integration for and on behalf of license owners in the United States, Canada and Europe for over 10 years. As a well-capitalized organization, MJardin continues to pursue strategic expansion and M&A opportunities across global legal cannabis markets. MJardin cultivates high-end flower and refined extracted products.

Nick Drury, Director of Cultivation, was in dire need of finding a growing media supplier, but more importantly, they needed an overall trusted cultivation solution that could be easily adapted from grow-to-grow across states, licenses and products, knowing that they would always have the right amount of growing media on hand, whenever they needed it. 

Instead of purchasing an entire distribution warehouse, designing a complete growing media and substrate platform, purchasing a manufacturing plant, creating an entirely new category within their operation and shipping to warehouses and mixing products – he reached out to Batch 64. 

Batch 64 offers a cultivation platform that optimizes the way commercial cannabis is grown, so the team utilized their expertise in system design, material sourcing, manufacturing, supply chain, plant biology and environmental impact to provide an integrated offering for Nick and his team that would be easy for them to dial into, without added downtime. Instead of having to purchase massive amounts of raw materials and calculate lead times, the team at Batch 64 helped streamline efficiencies and reduce internal labor costs. 

First, the Batch 64 team started by honing in on MJardin’s goals and objectives for the current and coming years, focusing on the company’s present day cultivation processes, systems and SOPs for each of their different facilities. Knowing that they wanted to continue using a clean coco product, but needed the ease of use of an integrated cube set up, we vetted our best supplier with the highest quality coco and the perfect fabric bag to create a stackable cube, ensuring they never had to buy pots again. Mjardin was so happy with the results they achieved across their group that they introduced us to one of the companies that they advise –  Lightshade. 

Lightshade utilizes state-of-the-art technology and equipment within their grow facilities to not only bring their customers the highest quality product possible, but also to be at the forefront of sustainability and eco-friendly practices within the industry. They recently built a 40,000 square foot greenhouse, which will reduce their water and power consumption by more than half. 


Knowing that Batch 64 would be able to fit into this sustainable operation perfectly, Nick reached out to us again to let us know about the evolution of his operation and how Lightshade was looking to scale efficiently, but with an environmentally friendly conscious. We sat down and created another integrated cube system solution that would fit in with his newly expanded operation. 

“Batch 64’s Integrated Cube System has helped us streamline our facility, eliminating 1,152 man-hours annually of transplanting and up-potting. We estimate our labor and pot savings to be over $95,000.

The cubes have dramatically reduced our carbon footprint by having 4x the amount of media per pallet versus loose, which saves us critical storage space and decreases the number of deliveries we receive from Batch 64.

The premium coir and consistent analytics have also reduced the risk for human error across our operation, as each cube has the same even fill and compaction. We’ve seen a visible reduction in microbial load due to the decreased moisture from loose-filled media, giving us peace of mind as the state’s requirements become more stringent. Plant performance has improved and is more consistent across our grow rooms. This means we spend less time diagnosing individual plant issues, and more time for our cultivation team on the task that matters—pushing our operation to maximum yields of superior quality buds.”

– Nick, Director of Cultivation Operations at Lightshade

In addition, Batch 64 worked with Lightshade on turnaround time, shipping timelines and minimum order quantities – decreasing the company’s inventory hold, and increasing usable space within the grow. Our logistics team was able to speculate complete shipping, logistics and supply needs while achieving the best possible deal for Lightshade. industry leading quality control and testing practices – including heavy metal testing

Haley Carignan, our Director of Customer Success, along with Petee Oldfield, our Director of Logistics, put our predictive inventory management to work so that Lightshade would never be without critical inventory again. Our predictive inventory management system ensures that you always have what you need, increasing productivity and up-time, giving you the ability to squeeze every ounce of efficiency out of your existing infrastructure. 

Both Mjardin Group and Lightshade needed uniquely focused solutions to increase productivity, enhance yields and increase revenues. Batch 64 has been and will continue to be their partner in profitability.

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