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Batch 64 - Insights - Case Study - Oregon Bud Company

Case Study by Melissa A. Bolin

Oregon Bud Company

Targeted Plant Nutrition: Oregon Bud Company Lowers Nutrient Costs by 75% and Increases Efficiency

Oregon Bud Company (OBC), a multi-state operation in Oregon & Colorado with state-of-the-art indoor cannabis cultivation facilities specializing in rare and unique strains, has a mission to provide their customers with the highest quality marijuana products at the greatest value around. They do so by controlling the cultivation process from start to finish to monitor the quality of their strains and ensure that there are no harmful chemicals, pesticides or harmful additives introduced to their plants. 

But what happens when the cost of maintaining and scaling your operation starts to challenge your mission and bottom line? 

OBC needed a mindful system they could trust, one that was aligned with their vision and values, but also one that reduced operating costs without any downtime. They were looking for a simple solution that delivered a quality product for their customers at scale, saving time and money, while standardizing for growth and allowing them to increase their ROI. 

For over a year the Batch 64 team has been providing OBC with our quality Inert High Yield Blend, but their cultivation process also included the addition of a multi-part liquid nutrient blend which they believed was essential to achieving the right caliber of finished product for their customers. Their prior nutrient formulation was developed over several years and came to include a mix of many popular liquid products, a highly complex process that was hard to mix accurately, and incredibly expensive. 

Furthermore, Teresa and Noah, Head of Cultivation at OBC, stated that they never took a day off because no one else could be trusted to get this precise liquid nutrient mixture right consistently. They were struggling to find a way to achieve the precise consistency needed to grow their high-quality product while also keeping the business afloat. This inherited nutrient solution was great when the cost wasn’t an issue and cannabis prices were at an all-time high, but in today’s market what once helped them achieve their goals was now hindering their ability to continue growing and scaling their business successfully. 

Knowing the state of their operation and their need for standardized SOPs, Batch 64 co-created a cultivation solution for OBC, helping them reduce costs, increase efficiency, and achieve increased potency and high-yields (not to mention helping them sleep at night). The Batch 64 team suggested the addition of our Targeted Plant Nutrition, a simple 2-part dry nutrient line, that would take their plants all the way from veg through harvest, combined with our Inert High-Yield Blend for optimal plant health/growth. 

Together with OBC, Batch 64 was able to craft a beneficial new cultivation system. This system lowers their nutrient costs by 75%, was easy to implement, easy to repeat, reduces labor time and the potential for human error increases production up-time, and maximizes efficiency within their facilities. In addition, the Batch 64 cultivation system outperforms the expensive liquid nutrient mix they were using in the past.

Top Benefits Achieved:

  • Reduced nutrient costs by 75%
  • Allowed OBC to continue operations and stay competitive in the growing/changing cannabis industry
  • Easy to implement
  • Reduced labor time and human error
  • Increased production up-time
  • Maximized efficiency within the OBC facilities
  • Outperformed their old nutrient mix

"We are thrilled after making the switch to Targeted Plant Nutrition from our complicated, multi-part liquid nutrients. It has saved us thousands of dollars already and we are excited to switch our two other facilities over to the Batch 64 complete cultivation system. It is really easy to use and has significantly reduced mixing time. If it weren't for these nutrients, we risked going out of business due to our high operating expenses."

- Teresa, OBC Head of Cultivation

Looking to reduce costs and increase efficiencies for your cannabis cultivation operation? Learn more about our Targeted Plant Nutrition Line.

Batch 64. Crafted to yield.


Moonshine VS Batch 64 Average Potency and Yield (Grams Per Plant & Grams Per Light) Comparison:

Below is a breakdown of all Full Compliance Test results for the July 2019 harvest by strain, and average potency results. 

Moonshine/Standard nutrient averages are highlighted in green, Batch 64 averages are highlighted in yellow.

*Values may increase slightly if discussion determines the need to recalculate.

CK = Critical Kush
CK Moonshine Average
22.07% THC / 0.35% CBD
CK Batch 64 Average
22.13% THC / 0.4% CBD
162 plants – Critical Kush – 104.93 LBS (47,638.22g) -Avg GPP: 294.06 | GPL: 882.18 | 1.94 LBS Per Light
24 plants – Critical Kush(64) – 12.95 LBS (5,879.3g) — Avg GPP: 244.97 | GPL: 734.91 | 1.61 LBS Per Light
CS = Citrus Sap
CS Moonshine Average
20.0% THC / 1.04% CBD
CS Batch 64 Average
21.26% THC / 0.93% CBD
84 plants – Citrus Sap – 46.63 LBS (21,170.02g) ——- Avg GPP: 252.02 | GPL: 756.06 | 1.66 LBS Per Light
24 plants – Citrus Sap(64) – 11.48 LBS (5,211.92g) — Avg GPP: 217.16 | GPL: 651.48 | 1.43 LBS Per Light
GoGo = Golden Goat
GoGo Moonshine Average
24.32% THC / 0.41% CBD
GoGo Batch 64 Average
23.83% THC / 0.34% CBD *
174 plants – Golden Goat – 106.85 LBS (48,509.9g) — Avg GPP: 278.79 | GPL: 835.17 | 1.83 LBS Per Light
24 plants – Golden Goat(64) – 17.55 LBS (7,967.7g) — Avg GPP: 331.98 | GPL: 995.94 | 2.19 LBS Per Light
BBDX3OG = Blueberry Diesel x Triple OG
BBDx3OG Moonshine Average
20.2% THC / 0.16% CBD
BBDx3OG Batch 64 Average
20.7% THC / 0.18% CBD *
204 plants – BBDx3OG – 193.1 LBS (87,626.54g) —— Avg GPP: 429.54 | GPL:1288.62 | 2.83 LBS Per Light
24 plants – BBDx3OG(64) – 22.58 LBS (10,251.32g) —Avg GPP: 427.13 | GPL: 1281.39 | 2.82 LBS Per Light
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