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Charged Macro Blend

Batch 64’s Charged Macro Blend (formerly Moonshine) is designed for craft indoor growers looking for uncompromisingly big, organic yields. This peat-free, soilless blend boosts THC levels with less fertilizer. Triple washed clean coco and bio-nutrients foster faster, healthier root growth without the need for additional nutrients during the first 4 weeks.


  • Fully-charged blend with all the nutrients your plants need for the first 2-4 weeks
  • Can decrease overall nutrient cost by 50%
  • Biologically beneficial blend designed to increase plant health and finished flower quality
  • Triple-washed, high air content, organically buffered coco and evenly screened perlite for rapid drainage
  • Rice hulls, pumice, and expanded shale create optimal soil structure for healthy root growth

How to Use

Drainage Level: High

Water Retention: Medium

Inert/Charged: Charged

Use: All indoor and greenhouse controlled agriculture. All outdoor set ups.

Watering: Neutral, Hands on watering approach

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pH: 5.8-6.5

PPM: 648 – 1008

EC: 0.90-1.40

Na <150ppm

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coconut coir, perlite, pumice, expanded shale, rice hulls, worm castings, biochar, Charged Nutes (bat guano, fish bone meal, humates, molasses, kelp, oyster shell, mineral-derived micronutrients, feather meal, meat meal, bone meal, blood meal, potassium sulfate)

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Net Volume

2 Cubic Feet


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Custom Blends

All of Batch 64’s products can be customized as a complete solution for you and your grow.

Scale Up Your Business,
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Scale Up Your Business,
Not Your Costs.

Contact a
Cultivation Specialist.