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Inert High-Yield Blend

Inert High-Yield Blend (formerly Golden Ratio) lets multi-state greenhouse and indoor growers maximize production efficiency. This organically buffered, premium soilless growing media produces the most consistent high-yields in the industry. We utilize an optimal ratio of coco to perlite into your existing cultivation system to improve drainage, quality control and reduce downtime.


  • Premium coco with high air content and optimal fiber composition, blended with evenly screened perlite for rapid and consistent dry down with frequent fertigation.
  • Highest level of quality control ensures you have the same EC, pH, PPMs, and Na concentrations across your entire grow
  • Triple-washed and organically buffered to flush salts and optimizing Cation Exchange Capacity, to ensure all nutrients are immediately plant available
  • Minimal fine particles ensure excellent root development, high pots-per-gallon yield, and low in-pot compaction
  • Peat-Free

How to Use

Drainage Level: High

Water Retention: Customizable (for all ratios)

Inert/Charged: Inert

Use: All indoor and greenhouse controlled agriculture. All outdoor set ups.

Watering: Neutral, Hands on watering approach

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pH: 5.8-6.4
PPM: < 359
EC: < 0.50
Na <90ppm
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Coconut coir, perlite

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Net Volume

2 Cubic Feet


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Custom Blends

All of Batch 64’s products can be customized as a complete solution for you and your grow.

Scale Up Your Business,
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Scale Up Your Business,
Not Your Costs.

Contact a
Cultivation Specialist.