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Integrated Cube System

Batch 64’s Integrated Cube System is designed for multi-state & multi-licensed indoor cultivators looking to maximize production efficiency. The world’s first 100% compressed coco solution has a multi-cube design working in unison, ensuring you’ll never have to buy pots again. Available in 1/2, 1 and 3 gallon sizes.


  • Reduce labor, maximize use of space, and increase cleanliness
  • Keep the root ball intact when transplanting to minimize shock, and air prune throughout grow-cycle for superb lateral root growth
  • 100% renewable media with high CEC
  • Premium triple-washed buffered coco coir with minimal fines, optimal fiber, for ideal air content and dry down
  • Consistent and guaranteed EC and pH

How to Use

Drainage Level: Medium

Water Retention: Low

Inert/Charged: Inert

Use: Indoor, Greenhouse, Genetics. Integrated Growing Systems

Watering: Can be used with all kinds of irrigation, prefers automated systems – drip

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pH: 5.8-6.7

PPM: < 431

EC: < 0.7

Na <90ppm

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Coconut coir

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Net Volume

1/2 gallon, 1 gallon, 3 gallon

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Custom Blends

All of Batch 64’s products can be customized as a complete solution for you and your grow.

Scale Up Your Business,
Not Your Costs.

Contact a
Cultivation Specialist.

Scale Up Your Business,
Not Your Costs.

Contact a
Cultivation Specialist.