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Meet Your Maker

High-Yield, High Quality

Our Story

Batch 64 exists through purpose, with a motivation that has fueled our passion to design cultivation processes for our customer partner’s success. Engineered to produce clean, consistent yields, our systems approach combines the use of only the highest caliber ingredients and a commitment to unwavering quality and craftsmanship. With a platform built upon responsible cannabis growth and our industry expertise, we leverage a sound infrastructure that enables us to partner with the largest cannabis growers in the nation.

​​The pride with which we make every batch comes from our desire to empower cannabis and hemp farmers of the 21st century to grow consciously.

Our Value

Mission Driven Through Accountability

“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”
― Masanobu Fukuoka


Our mission is to perpetually seek efficient, innovative, co-creative cannabis and hemp cultivation solutions for our partners while we provide them with consistency, quality, trust and transparency – all while we abide by our overarching regenerative purpose and values.


Cannabis and hemp are a gateway to reconnect people to the natural world and to other forms of agriculture. Our vision is to provide consistent, trusted, fully transparent services and solutions while we engage in ideation, co-creation and innovation.


– Consistency in Quality Craftsmanship

– Innovation & Co-Creation

– Trust & Transparency

Waste Farmers Regenerative Purpose

Batch 64 Team

Our collective goal is in a constant state of metamorphose because of our persistent need to learn, reinvent and improve. Our team is committed to positive development amongst ourselves, while our organizational wisdom is always with and for our cannabis and hemp cultivation partners as well as our planet.

We understand that this mutual relationship is the natural state of the world, and a recognition that our collective growth is how we respond to and shape our planet. We are committed to perpetual growth, of ourselves, our customers and our organization because we believe that inherent growth stems from the ability to learn and change.

John-Paul Maxfield
Founder & CEO
Haley Popovic
Director of Customer Success
Sean Brown
Sales Operations Manager
Petee Oldfield
Director of Logistics
Kevin Johnson
Director of Operations
Matt Pyle
Production Coordinator
Untitled design (7)
Justin Gilbert
Testing and Analytics Lead
Untitled design (9)
Jesse Wolff
Director of Customer Success and Business Development, Midwest Region
Untitled design (33)
Ashley Clements
Coir Captain

Who We Are

A Unified Sense of Identity

We are a diverse group of plant nerds, systems thinkers, soil junkies, artists, designers, innovators, farmers, plant medicine enthusiasts, curiosity chasers, nature lovers and problem dissolvers existing through purpose.

We don’t sell products, our systems approach provides our cannabis cultivation partners with focused solutions that can scale while we continuously ask the question WHY? We’re committed to perpetually responsible evolution, that of ourselves, our customers and our organization because we believe that inherent growth stems from the ability to learn and change.

Our shared regenerative values and unified sense of identity and purpose influence our output through the cultivation of our strength, opportunity and potential. We work tirelessly with our partners and stakeholders in mind while we co-create our products, obsessing on how to make their lives better.

Through the years we have adapted, changed with you, and we’re committed to your success as we strive to help you grow better, achieve your goals and accomplish your aspirations.

Waste Farmers Purpose

Partnerships and Frameworks

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Scale Up Your Business,
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